Let's get personal

I'm an artist based in Chicago, Illinois. I grew up in sunny Southern California, but I was born in Germany where I spent the early years of my life with a then stay-at-home mom who taught me how to doodle. I don't just draw: I'm an Art Director and have worked for a couple of Chicago's most incredible tech startups. I specialize in branding (or, more specifically rebranding) and I'm invested in working with a wide range of companies, bringing a unique eye to their logos and collateral. 

I'm an adventurer with a love of biking, jumping over stuff, cooking and taking as many interesting fitness classes as I can pack into a week. Artistically I make a habit of trying out new mediums: papermaking, glassblowing, screenprinting, rug-making, woodworking: you name it. I stay (very) busy and I love it that way. But most of all - and this is probably no surprise - I love to illustrate. My designs are obsessively small and intricate with a real skew towards natural/botanical and geometric. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love making it. 

- Maggie Enterrios, maggie@littlepatterns.com


Photo courtesy  Scott Thompson

Photo courtesy Scott Thompson