Maggie Sichter in the 2016 Apple Keynote for iPad Pro

I had the complete honor of being asked to create custom work for Apple using their new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The product launched during the 2016 Apple Keynote. Video here. 

tldr: pictures below! 

I'm so excited to finally announce my involvement in this project, and especially proud that I was able to work with tools that I became nothing short of addicted to. I wanted to share with you a little more about my experience working with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. 

I chose to stick to the familiar: dense florals and monochromatic linework. Ultimately, these devices totally modernized my process. I work full-time as an Art Director, which means my drawing usually takes place late at night. I love my apartment, its beautiful skyline view and cozy track lighting, but it is certainly not optimal for nighttime drawing. I typically spend my evenings sprawled across the couch with my eyes two inches away from the drawing paper, under the glow of a book-light, shoulders hunched, straining to see the details that are required for my dense illustrations. 

With the iPad Pro, I'm free to work anywhere at whatever time I want. Zooming in to add detail to my illustrations with a pixel-perfect display means that I don't have to strain to create beautiful things. Apple Pencil floored me; it picks up on the smallest gestures, and the fact that I can angle weight density and opacity means I have a toolkit equivalent to 100 drawing pens all living inside one device.

Go ahead and check out my work across the Apple site, in the Keynote video and on the Apple Pencil page. I'm so proud of the work I created, and I am looking forward to continuing to create new art with my new toys. 




Showcasing palm rejection

Showcasing palm rejection