iPad Pro Editorial

Illustration, Lettering, Promotional

Botanical Illustrations created by expert package designer on Apple iPad with Apple Pencil

I had the honor of being asked to create custom artwork for Apple using their new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

For the collaboration, I was tasked with creating bespoke typographic artwork to promote iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a pair of powerful drawing tools. The final illustration was featured in two concurrent Keynote addresses as well as in online promotional media.

Editorial feature for new iPad and Apple Pencil, showing dense black and white illustration.


Working in Procreate on iPad Pro, I created a large-scale digital illustration.

Using my other typographic pieces as inspiration, I was tasked with creating a dense, floral monogram illustration.

Inspiration imagery, past monogram illustrations.

Inspiration imagery, past monogram illustrations.

The final illustrated artwork - a typographic ‘Q’ monogram, was created over the course of two weeks and 30 hours.

Botanical illustration with dense pattern set inside typography
surface design of botanical and floral illustrations created on iPad and procreate, preferred digital illustration tools.

I loved working on this project. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil amplified my work. Zooming in to add detail to my illustrations with a pixel-perfect display means that I didn't have to strain to create beautiful things. Apple Pencil floored me; it picks up on the smallest gestures, and the fact that I can angle weight density and opacity means I have a toolkit equivalent to 100 drawing pens all living inside one device.

In progress artwork

In progress artwork

Final Monogram illustration

Final Monogram illustration

The collaboration provided the perfect opportunity to combine my proprietary dense, monochromatic linework with Apple’s powerful creative tools.

Package designer, Maggie Enterrios, works on iPad Pro and Procreate to build dense patterns

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