Procreate 4.3 Commission: OUI


press release for procreate new version launch featuring digital artists and digital designers from across the world.

For their third concurrent major app update, Procreate commissioned me to create original artwork in order to introduce their customers to the brand new Text Tool - which allows users to import fonts and craft typographic compositions within the app with ease.

My artwork was featured in the product launch and in promotional materials for the update.

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Digital Illustration commissioned by procreate featuring dense colored patterns


Incorporate Text into a composition in your unique style.

Word: OUI

Theme: Parisian, full color

Via Procreate:

"Including precision design controls such as kerning, leading, and baseline empowers professional designers to use Procreate as a versatile tool for drafting layouts like magazine covers, and enables comic artists to add lettering directly to their artwork. Presenting these controls as a series of simple sliders makes designing beautiful typographic arrangements so fun and easy, anyone can do it."

illustration work in progress, using procreate to create designs, using typography and patterns.


I chose a Gallic rooster (le coq gaulois) as my subject matter, and surrounded him with botanical elements that are all native to or prized in France.

I began with a simple rooster outline before refining linework and layering color into the composition.

Earliest Sketch Stage

Earliest Sketch Stage

Outline Progress and color blocking

Outline Progress and color blocking

Time lapse work in progress of procreate illustration.


Canvas Size: 4000 x 4000

30 hours of illustration

Typeface: Boutique-Engraved, all-caps

The Text tool is an undoubtedly cool feature.

For this drawing, I created the woven-type illusion by keeping some illustrated elements on higher layers than others. Ultimately, no matter what the text says, the illustration will appear to weave and overlap it.

Detail of iPad and apple Pencil used to create a digital illustration for procreate

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